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Your Career as an Investment

Taking control of your career trajectory is a trend that is becoming more prevalent with each year. But how exactly do we “take more control” of our career? The answer is: the same way businesses take control of their growth and profitability.

Many of us spend a considerable amount of money on education in our specialty. We attend classes to obtain certifications, or business schools for advanced degrees, all in an effort to rise to the fullness of our potential, make ourselves more “viable,” maximize our income, and hopefully secure positions that we enjoy.

Most agree that investing in education will pay off – and even investing in our personal appearance, such as purchasing an expensive suit, can offer payback – but many professionals stop there, thinking that job search coaching or investing in a new resume is “an additional expense they cannot afford.”

Unfortunately, those who think this way end up holding themselves back as they fail to make the mental shift from “expense” to “investment” and completely miss looking at their career ROI.

I often hear executives say, “I have never had to look for a position before because they have always come to me,” or, “I have never needed a resume before.” Understandably these executives have yet to experience the multifaceted benefits of having really powerful marketing materials professionally developed for them – and even though the fact that they are sought after validates their uniqueness and market viability, when it comes down to it, they are still making decisions about their career moves one opportunity at a time – and this is not a leveraged or controlled job search.

Thus they venture out into the market for the first time, and after several months of frustration, finally call someone like me.

The truth is, no executive really has to go through those agonizing months of trying to figure out what is working in today’s job market. All they need is access to the right information. And the willingness to embrace that there are marketing investments that can and should be made that yield impressive returns.

The bottom line? Where a business may spend 20% annually on marketing, individuals should be prepared to at least invest 1% to 4% of their annual salary every 3-6 years in their marketing efforts.

And what do executives get for that? Each case is different, but shorter job searches and significant increased earnings for the “prepared and educated” executive are just two of the major benefits. Less frustration, more control, and thus more energy and enthusiasm to perform well in interviews they really wanted, are additional bonuses.

A top US-based construction executive recently came to me after sending his resume out for 6 months. Being one of the best in his field with an exceptional reputation, he didn’t put any energy into making his resume look good or telling the story of his success – it was basically just a list of companies he had worked for. Honestly, I think he may have been a little offended that he was ignored by the people that should have been fortunate to interview him, and ticked off he had to “spend money” on a resume and LinkedIn profile (my words not his).

But not two weeks after completing his resume, he had four interviews and two offers on the table – one represented a 20k raise and the second a 70k raise over what he was previously making. It was then that he made the shift in thinking from “expense” to “investment” and understood that he basically just “profited” 69k on his 1k career investment.

It is often said that 7 out of 10 small businesses fail in the first 3 years and I would bet money that those businesses that survive have a solid understanding of Marketing 101 and invest accordingly. Job seekers today need to realize that to step up and play big requires an investment in their marketing – in addition to academic and other professional expenditures that help with career optimization.

Professionally designed resumes, value proposition letters, LinkedIn profiles and job search coaching pays off!

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I have wanted to try this for a long time because it aligns with my heart-centered approach to your success.

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Secrets of The Job Hunt: Do You Need A Job Search Coach? A 7-Point Checklist To Tell If You Do

I was recently interviewed by C.M. Russell, (webmaster, blogger and podcaster for the online job search)
on his Secrets of the Jobhunt Podcast which is sponsored by JobRadioFM.

I love this topic: how to tell if you need a job search coach. You can listen to the 20 minute podcast here:

A Tale of Two Job Seekers. One Failed, One Succeeded – Both Were Brilliant

Dave was an attorney with a big law firm. His dream was to move into a corporate counsel role with a big corporation. When he first hired me to write his resume he spent a lot of time telling me about how underappreciated he was at his current firm.

When we would brainstorm ideas on how he could transition into his chosen industry he constantly repeated that he “already tried that.” In fact, Dave spent a lot of time shooting down most ideas I knew would help him tremendously.

When we talked about job search strategies he shared with me he didn’t have any time. “Surely you understand,” he would say.” I am an attorney and I work incredibly long hours. Plus I have a family.”

When we discussed his salary goals he said he had to make at least 30% more than what he currently made to “justify the move.”

When I asked him why he had been fired from his last position he said that he and one of the partners could not get along. He refused to elaborate.

Despite the building complexities Dave was creating for himself, he maintained he wanted to be in a new position in less that 60 days. When I attempted share with Dave that it appeared that he was neither ready nor willing to do what it would take to move forward – he simply ignored my comments.

Dave never did make his corporate counsel move. He took a job with another firm…. A job that a recruiter had called to pitch him over the phone. It was the first and only opportunity Dave ever explored.

The story above illustrates how brilliant professionals can undermine their own career progress through not taking responsibility for their job search goals.

And then there was Brian.

Brian hired me as a career coach during a major transition in his life. He drove all the way from Houston to San Antonio to meet with me in person and discuss his situation.

He was a SVP for a mid size company in Houston and he was really ready for a CMO position with a large firm. He had done his research and picked two industries he was interested in exploring further.

He knew he had one chance to make a great first impression and he wanted to do it right. He wanted help researching particular companies, identifying what job search strategies would give him the most leverage and he wanted to make sure his resume was written to best position him for a CMO title.

I will always remember how positive Brian was. He always seemed to see the glass as half full. He took responsibility for his ultimate success and he stayed focused on the strategies I showed him to get quality interviews. He knew the power of a team approach.

Brian was busy and had a family too, but he made his career transition a priority during that window of time.

He landed several high quality interviews and accepted an offer from a company he was truly excited about – at the compensation level that met his goals. It didn’t happen overnight but it did happen within four months of our working together.

One of his goals was to work out of his home one day per week. With the coaching I gave him he successfully negotiated this into his compensation package.

Brian invested in himself and in his career move because as he put it, he knew that “for every $100 he put in he would get $1000 back.”

Brian was willing to listen. That was not true for Dave.

Being “successful” has so much to do with one’s mindset. And coupled with an industry expert’s guidance, moving forward happens much more quickly and easily.

So if you want to get yourself and your job search “unstuck” it’s a wise move to first make sure you are committed to doing what it takes to reach your goals before you hire a career coach or resume writer. However once you are certain about your commitment to your own success, these partnerships can make getting there faster and easier, and your confidence, clarity and motivation will soar.

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