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Start a Business on the Cheap: 10 Growth Industries

Really interesting article here from for those of you who may be contemplating starting your own business – but also helpful for evaluating emerging and growing industries with solid, long term projected growth.

Start a Business on the Cheap: 10 Growth Industries |

What’s YOUR secret to creating your own economy?

I’m curious. How many of you are feeling affected by the economy right now?

Are you worried about your business? Are you looking for more income streams? Do you want to start a business but are afraid this isn’t the right time? Or are you doing great right now?

If you have read my blog or ezine for any length of time, you know that I am committe to bringing you GOOD news regarding various growth industries and new career opportunities.

That’s why I was intrigued by Ali Brown’s new free teleclass on Thursday, March 5, called “How to Create Your OWN Strong Economy This Year…

With Online Information Marketing.” Here’s the link to sign up:

And don’t forget to share your thoughts and questions below. I’d love to know what you really think about your business and the economy right now.

Bright Spots In Today’s Job Market – Where the Jobs Are and How To Get Them

I hosted a free teleseminar last night and would like to offer my readers here a chance to listen!

Here are just a few highlights of what I covered:

  • The THREE Top Recession Proof Markets
  • The BEST months of the year to look for a job
  • What STATE had more jobs in the last 12 months than any other state
  • The 3 BEST strategies for landing a great job right now
  • WHY relying solely on job boards will leave you frustrated with little results…even if you are a star candidate
  • A very special offer only for participants on the call…hint: here is your coupon code: BRIGHT VIP

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