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Tag: recession busting job search techniques

Total Picture Radio Interview with Peter Clayton. Topic: Recession-Busting Job Search Techniques



 was interviewed by Peter Clayton of Total Picture Radio yesterday on Recession-Busting Job Search Techniques. It was a great discussion and we covered several hot topics including:

·     What industries are hiring

·     Two powerful strategies to quickly and easily get in front of hiring managers

·     How to get past gatekeepers when making follow up phone calls

·     What to say if the hiring manager says “Were not hiring right now”

·     What most people leave out of their resumes that are must-haves

·     How many pages a resume should be and the difference between chronological and functional styles

·     Vital tips to compete in todays job market

Listen to the 20 minute interview here:




Recession-Busting Job Search Techniques That WORK

Did you make the call Wednesday titled: Recession-Busting Job Search Techniques That WORK?

Well, if you couldn’t make it, or you called in and the line was busy (sorry, we filled up fast!) here is a link to the audio recording of the call.

You can listen here now:

I really opened up about detailed strategies and resources that you can use in your job search right now.

Plus, I extended a VERY special invitation that will enable you to get job search coaching and support directly from me…I think you will be really pleased and excited to hear about it!

Here is that link:

*Many of you emailed me to ask for the resource links I mentioned on the call, so I had my team post them for you on the same page as the audio. Enjoy!

-Mary Elizabeth

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