Would you like to learn how to quickly and easily take the fear out of phone networking?

I am offering you my super, information-packed "Secrets to Effective Phone Networking" e-book. This information took me years to learn and perfect and now I am offering it to you for an incredibly low price!

Are you like SO many of my clients who:
  • Tell me their number one most dreaded task in their job search is following up with a "cold call?"
  • Cringe and put off until the last possible minute your "phone networking" or worse, avoid it all together?
  • Get tongue-tied the minute your contact on the other end of the line says "hello?"
  • Don't have a clue what to say when the secretary asks you why you are calling?
  • Are a VP or higher... Which seems to compound the problem of knowing what to say to a total stranger?
  • Know following up is important but just can't take the feeling of rejection that comes with being told "were not hiring?"

Here's what you get with my "Phone Networking Secrets Revealed" E-Book:

You will learn exactly what to say on the phone when:
  • Following up with executives and decision makers for the first time.
  • Calling a friend or associate to talk to them about networking.
  • A secretary tries to keep you from getting through to their boss.
  • You are directed to HR.
  • You want to leave a VM that compels your listener to actually call you back.
And that is just the beginning!

"I love how Mary Elizabeth combines her experience as both a recruiter and a job search coach to come up with this little gem. If you have a hard time picking up the phone, you need this little ebook."
Jason Alba,
CEO of JibberJobber.com & Author of “I’m On LinkedIn -- Now What??? http://jasonalba.com

I show you step-by-step how to take the fear out of follow up phone calls and exactly what to say that will generate interest in YOU. This information is NOT a bunch of fluff, but tried and true techniques that my introverted clients LOVE the BEST because they finally feel empowered to do what they once thought was impossible.

As an added bonus to make learning these simple techniques even easier for you, I include custom crafted phone scripts for multiple situations. You will LOVE the fact that they are genuine and professional and NOT corny and canned!

I have to say I really gave this information away with this one as these techniques have helped secure dream jobs for so many of my clients once they learned these simple, easy-to-use techniques to connect with key executives and decision makers for the first time.

The Career Artisan Series - Phone Networking Secrets Revealed by Mary Elizabeth Bradford

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I guarantee that after following the steps in this guide, you'll not only have the tools and instructions for taking the fear out of phone networking, but also a simple step-by-step guide WITH phone scripts you can use right away!

But, if for some reason, my "Secrets to Effective Phone Networking" report doesn't live up to your expectations, simply tell me and I'll refund your purchase out of my own pocket. You have my word on it!

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